Concept & Writing - Tim van Lipzig

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I'm a psychologist from Germany who's been reading Warhammer 40,000 since his early teens, falling in love with its wild mix of war and gore, insanity and tragidy, epicness and satire. I have a long relationship with the Horus Heresy as well, reading along since 2006 and buying English language books for the first time outside of school because I was too impatient to wait for the German translations. As all long relationships do, this relationship went through its highs and lows, but I think the two of us have reached a healthy accord nowadays - otherwise I wouldn't have spend a year working on this project. This series has accompanied me for over 15 years now and was responsible for some of the best reading experiences I ever had, by which it carved out a special place in my heart. I'm responsible for conceptualizing, assembling and writing the Horus Heresy omnibus reading order. You can contact me on Twitter @freeukulele.

Website programming - Philipp Pfeil

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Philipp works in software engineering and regularly meets Tim at the playground (with their kids, obviously - don't be creepy). He has been reading the Horus Heresy ever since he made the mistake of asking Tim about 'particularly long book series' at a party. He is not just responsible for programming and maintaining this website, but is also its first in vivo Beta tester, reading along the Heresy without prior knowledge of 40k.

Art - Eric Alloway


Eric is a pixel artist hailing from the US. He has been painting with pixels for over twenty years, ever since the simple and effective artistry of the video games of his youth utterly hooked him. He has also been an avid Warhammer fan for almost as long, picking up the game when 4th edition launched in 2004. Something that inspired his career and attitude as an artist was the willingness and enthusiasm of the early enclaves of "spriters" he discovered online to share their art without expectation of recompense and help other artists improve their work. He says that he feels indebted to those artists to continue this tradition and offer his own work in the hope that, in turn, the budding artists who discover his work grow their own skills and add their unique vision and gifts to their communities. Eric lives together with his wife and two cats and can online be found on Twitter at @iscaneus or (a few years out of date) at

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