Friday, December 9, 2022

Revisiting Nemesis by James Swallow

In November 2021, I got the opportunity to write a guest review on the Track of Words literature blog. The blog is hosted by Michael, who I grew friends with over the years of communicating with him over the internet and our shared love for Warhammer and other Sci-Fi literature.

I recently had a prolonged discussion with Michael about the Horus Heresy series as a whole, especially the thematic through-lines, interesting pairings of books and the age-old question of what order the series is best read in. Something we talked quite in depth about were the outliers (what we called ‘orphan books’) of the series’ various arcs, books like NemesisThe Damnation Of Pythos or Battle for the Abyss, which are frequently found on the bad side of ‘Best and Worst’ lists of Heresy books.

While Michael decided to pick up Battle for the Abyss to see how it holds up, I grabbed my dusty copy of Nemesis and gave it another go. When Michael invited me to post my review of Nemesis as a companion piece to his own article about revisiting Battle for the Abyss I jumped at the opportunity to become Track Of Words’ first guest reviewer, and I feel quite honoured to be able to do so.

You can read the whole review about re-visiting one of the "Unloved Ones" of the Horus Heresy over on Track of Words.

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